July 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas 2015

It's been far too long since we posted on our blog,
but here we are again,
wishing you all a Merry Christmas,
from our hearts to yours!

Dear friends,

One of the blessings of this time of year is the chance it gives us to connect with so many people all around the world. We wish we could come visit each one of you and thank you for being part of our lives. We hope this newsletter will convey some of our gratitude to you and to the Lord for life and for each other!
We are looking forward to spending Christmas with Lyle's family in Colorado Springs this year. It has been nice to see how well these nine cousins have gotten to know each other over the past two years and have become such close friends. Who knows when they will all be able to have Christmas together again?

Looking ahead

2016 will be a year of travels, changes and new beginnings for the Halls as we prepare to return to Africa in the spring, this time back to Tanzania. Thank you all for believing in us and standing with us this past year; we trust that in this new year we can continue to stand and work together.

A wonderful life...

It has been a great year in the Kansas City area. We have loved being part of World Revival Church; it has been so refreshing and life-giving for all of us, and we have been blessed with many wonderful new friends here!
A highlight for the girls has been the opportunity to be in theater. This picture is from the Mary Poppins Musical last month.  We were all singing and humming "Just a spoonful of sugar...", "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..." or "Let's Go Fly a Kite..." for days on end, - even in our sleep! All the hard work paid off; it was a fantastic show!


Rachel, who has just turned 17, was given an opportunity to go to Thailand for four weeks in October and November. She went to help our good friends, the Sanborns, at an orphanage called Home of the Open Heart. It was great to see how the Lord provided for her expenses, down to the last five dollars just a few days before her departure! We are so thankful to all of you who invested in her during this time, whether through prayer or through finances!

Immanuel - God with us. 

Three short words, but in them is revealed the essence of what we celebrate at Christmas; that God himself has come, into our lives and our situation to live - with us, in us and through us. 

This is the message of the Kingdom of God that everyone deserves to hear!

Wishing you all the JOY of Christmas;
may your hearts be overwhelmed
by the goodness of God in the new year!

We love you! 
Lyle and Jette, Rachel, Acacia, Mikaela and Naomi

Monday, September 1, 2014

Halls' Summer 2014 - still in USA!

WOW!! One whole year now in the States, it's been a long time since that happened! 
The girls ask from time to time when we are going home. Jette and I are asking the same question; Africa is still home to us...
God has us here for this season and it is good; we are learning and seeing a lot.
We were in the Portland, Oregon area, over the summer at my (Lyle's) dad’s farmhouse, with lots of space, lots of work, lots to see. It was great to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa too. They celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary while we were all there.

We drove the long way from Florida, a four week drive, visiting along the way. Still living out of suitcases but this will likely never really end in our lives... Every weekend we were out sharing in different churches throughout the NW. A lot is happening in this nation but at the same time we sense a deeper hunger for the Lord.
Danish Visitors
Jette’s brother and his family from Denmark came to visit us for two weeks in July, what a joy to see them! This photo is from Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast, where we got to spend a couple of days. Hearing the Danish language (great for the girls), sightseeing many different places,  and spending lots of quality time together was wonderful.
We look forward to seeing all of our Danish family and as many Danish friends as possible when we go to Denmark for Christmas

We were on our way to Boise ID. last month from Portland  OR. and on the way I began having serious cramps which eventually led Jette to taking me to the nearest emergency room in a local hospital. The reason we were given was that some kind of virus (?) had caused intestinal swelling leading to blockage. After groaning like a dying animal for what seemed like hours I was finally given morphine and two days later I was released from the hospital but only after having a tube up my nose and down my throat for 48 hours. That was not a pleasant experience...
Many people all over the world were praying for us, we are so thankful to have friends from around the globe. The whole experience has helped me to have a bit more understanding of those who are working with medical issues.
What is next?
We arrived a week ago in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after another USA crossing by car and will be here till the end of the year running a Discipleship Training School for YWAM.
Jette and the girls will be busy with home school for the most part these next four months, but will also be a part of the YWAM activities as much as time allows.
  Click here for info. YWAM Myrtle Beach DTS
 It is very possible that I (Lyle) will be taking a trip back to Africa in the spring of 2015 for 4-5 weeks with some pastors from here in the States.

4M – The Fourth Musketeer: 
A 72-hour character challenge weekend for men. Here men are challenged to become warriors for their marriages, homes, churches, communities as God intended. I have seen men truly  transformed before my eyes. The 4M office receives letters from wives saying "thank you; my husband is a new man."
I am part of the 4M USA team, which runs camps in Oklahoma, Kentucky, California, and opening up in North Carolina and Washington in 2015.
It is not only an adventure, but a great experience; life-changing testimonies at every camp.
Men, check it out on-line, click link below.
The 4th Musketeer

Thank You!
In closing  a big thank you to all, stay encouraged in the Lord, stay in prayer and in the Word. We are always encouraged by any e-mails we receive, sso drop us a line and let us know how your summer has been!

from Lyle and Jette,
Rachel, Acacia, Mikaela and Naomi

Friday, June 6, 2014

Road Trip USA May 2014

We have been on the road almost 6 weeks, stayed in 11 homes and 3 motels so far. Some would say that is a very long time for a field trip, but we have our school books with us and squeeze in as much school as possible while on the road.
We have seen so many beautiful and interesting places and people, feeling very blessed!

We celebrated Acacia's birthday together with
the cousins in Colorado Springs
Fun hike in the Rocky Mountains

Brothers :)
There was a snow storm on Mother's Day, and the kids
made the most of it, built a fun snowman.

Poor Naomi broke her leg jumping on the trampoline,
but she is a trooper and very good on crutches!
Lots of fun things to see along the way....
Yellowstone National Park

Hiking in Yellowstone Nat'l Park

We saw lots of bison, but not many this close....
Old Faithful, "Thar she blows!!"
Amazingly beautiful landscapes
We found a place called Craters of the Moon Nat'l Park
There were lava tubes (lava caves) that we could explore

Reunion with YWAM Friends
We got to see our friend Kevan, who fights forest fires, do a
practice jump with his parachute and all his gear
Fun with friends

Washington State
Our friend showed us around the fire station, then took us up the
tall, tall ladder, 100ft in the air!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


"Amazing love, how can it be,
that you my King should die for me?
Amazing love, I know it's true,
it's my joy to honor you in all I do,

"I'm forgiven because you were forsaken,
I'm accepted, you were condemned.
I'm alive and well, your spirit lives within me,
because you died and rose again."

What a beautiful truth we get to celebrate at Easter!May we be given the courage and grace to live it every day of the year!

We are in Florida until the end of April, staying very busy with homeschool and with another theatre production that the girls are very excited about: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. See the photo above, and see if you can find us all... These shows will run on Easter weekend and the following weekend. Then we will start our journey west again, visiting friends along the way. We look forward to spend time over the summer with friends and family in the Northwest.

We wrote earlier about going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to help out with another YWAM Discipleship school. We still plan to do that, but the course has been postponed from April to September.
As far as our return to Africa, we are constantly praying about when that will be.  Sometime in 2015, we hope...
Some of you may remember Simba Ulanga, Shilingi, Mark Masai and others that we talk about from time to time. They all send their greetings. We regularly support these men and women of God, so far from us here, but so close to our hearts.
Those of you who support us, we hope you realize that it is not only us, but also every people and nation that we are involved with.
Thank you for believing in us!

"The 4th Musketeer"

A 72-hour character challenge for men. 
Lyle has been helping this organisation out with their special outdoor weekend events for men. 
A fantastic experience!
One more is coming up in May.
Guys, click here to check it out! the4thMusketeer

Friday, April 18, 2014

Philippines Outreach Report

"Sorry, sir! Two of your kids will not be able to go to Philippines..."
Just before getting on the airplane in New York headed for a lay-over in Korea,  we were told that two of our girls could not go, because their passports were valid less than 6 months and Philippines immigration would not let them in. “Get new passports, then they can go.” We flew on to Seoul, Korea and were able to deal with the passport issue there, while Jette and the other two flew on to our destination. After 30 hours, the passport issue was sorted and off we went to meet the others in Cebu, Philippines. We are glad the girls have passports from two countries, and that we had team members coming a day later, who could bring the other passports!

Philippines Culture and Statistics

Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands, with the population reaching 100 million at the beginning of 2014. We went to three islands, so I still have a long way to go to see them all. 

Filipinos are exceptionally hospitable; they love to fellowship and love to cook for their guests. They love their roast pig: Whole pigs are roasted over an open fire and 6 hours later - it’s time to eat!

Filipinos are a gentle people and very servant-hearted, and also a very scattered people. You can find Filipinos all over the world working, looking for ways to send money back home. This also means that either a mom/dad, sometimes even both are away, at times for several years, leaving kids behind to be raised by others, making unstable families in desperate situations. One would ask if money is really worth it. My personal worldview and situation says no, but I must be careful not to judge.

On a sad note; it is said that Philippines is quickly becoming the second highest nation for human trafficking. One can buy slaves in secret markets for $200 - $500. Certificate of ownership is issued along with counterfeit passports etc. Legal or not, it is being done. Let us increase in prayer and intercession for this situation!

Philippines is known for mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, white sand beaches and seashells.
Selling coconuts, "buko"
The girls enjoyed their time so much, reminded them of home in Africa in so many ways. They continue to ask when we are going home. We took several trips out to the country side, enjoyed the white sand beaches but also the fresh green mountain sides, coconut water and lots of rice to keep us full. Of course we had to eat the local delicacy “balut” once again, a boiled fertilized duck egg. It is a mind thing really, but it does taste just like an ordinary egg; it is the little feathers and the beak that is harder to swallow…

Performing the Judah Ben Hur Musical in a mall in Cebu city!

We were so excited to meet two Kenyan ladies after one
of the shows, and be able to speak Swahili! They are in
Philippines studying to become nurses.
In short, we had 7 Judah Ben-Hur Musical performances throughout several islands; with wonderful prayer times following the shows. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is powerfully portrayed and serves as a wonderful testimony to everyone watching it. 
The practical aspect of the musical was a challenge in most venues due to small stages and various electrical problems. 
One venue, a sports complex, had lost most of its roof during the typhoon. It rained during one of our shows there so that night ended with a new musical called ‘Dancing in the Rain’, in which everyone participated, great fun!
Naomi had many fans...

There were several trips to a local prison for ministry and our kids especially enjoyed the weekly trips into some of the slum areas for children’s programs. Also visiting homes of some desperate people. My “pen” can tell you the story but it is unable to give you the soul and heart of their reality. Losing their homes, and now even 3 months later basically living in grass huts and hoping they will soon be able to afford re-building their homes. But always welcoming us with a smile and offering us a bite to eat…

Acacia loving on the kids in the slum areas
The YWAM team headed back to Florida USA while I, Lyle, stayed on for an additional 2 weeks. I spent time with my mom who had brought a team from their church in Japan. We had a great time of ministry on the island of Bohol. Then my dad called and said “That’s not fair, come and see me in Japan, since you’re already in this part of the world.” So I flew to Japan for a few days and had a great time with my dad and in the church there. My parents have now been pastoring in Japan for 20 years. I have amazing parents, love you mom and dad… After almost 50 hours of sitting in planes and airports I too arrived back here in Florida. (On the parent note, Jette’s parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, Congratulations! We were sad that we weren't able to be in Denmark to celebrate with them.)
On Bantayan Island, we took our team kids with us and went to a village by the beach
and had an un-announced time of games and ministry. God really touched the lives
of these children through the testimony of God's love given by a 16-year-old boy
on our team! Here they all are making silly faces....

On one of our last days there, our hosts took us Island Hopping
and the snorkeling was amazing! Here's Mikaela showing a starfish
she picked up from the bottom (and later returned to the water).
These trips, though a bit costly, will benefit our girls the rest of their lives, and the few souls that we touch with the heart of God, bringing a smile to the Filipino people, often mixed with the tears of life, makes it worth every penny.

Thank you to everyone who stood with us in prayer and support for this outreach!
God bless you!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Philippine Outreach Coming Up!

Dear wonderful friends,
The January weather here in Florida has been nice and warm, in contrast to the rest of North America and Europe, but not as hot as some of you in Africa have it....
Our time with YWAM Tampa Bay has been good and we are now in full swing with the Judah Ben Hur (JBH) Musical performance. We all have part in this production and enjoying it. They tried to give me (Lyle) a singing and dance part, but that wasn’t such a great idea, so I have the part of a tough Roman soldier and also responsible to move all the sets for the right time and place. Jette and the girls are enjoying their roles and also recently auditioned for ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, to be run in March and April.
It is Outreach Time!
Together with 17 others we will be heading off to Cebu Island in the Philippines from February 2nd to 26th. Most of you may know that this nation has suffered great destruction with ongoing earthquakes and tremors since October, in November the largest typhoon in recorded history and most recently flooding and mudslides. 
Our opportunities will be diverse; we will be doing some rebuilding and cleanup, as well as ministering to kids in the slums and also doing 5-6 JBH performances; a theatre has been rented for this show, which has a strong message of redemption.
We are looking for people to get behind us in support and prayer for this Outreach. Not just for our family expenses but also to help several Filipino families rebuild their homes, buy new seeds for their fields, a few footballs, shoes for street kids etc.
We do have our airfare all taken care of, but still need to see some funds come in for our food and accommodation while in Philippines. Would you be in prayer to see how you can be involved? 
There has been so much devastation and it will take years to get things in order once again and we are in hopes that God will use this team to reach out in love, to speak life and bring a smile to many faces in the time that we are there. Please pray with us that we'll have all the physical, financial, and, most of all, spiritual resources that we need to minister to this devastated area.

After our time in the Philippines our family will be heading to South Carolina to run a Discipleship School for YWAM in Myrtle Beach with our good friends Kel and Kristyn Steiner from April through end of June.

Blessings to you all and keep the heater on (those of you who are in the season of winter wonderland). 

Friday, June 28, 2013

June News from the Halls

June 2013: Goodbye to Kabwe

How does one say goodbye? Goodbyes are big part of mission life. Many come and many go and then one day it is also time for you to go. We have had to learn that if you are sad at goodbyes it is a good thing because it proves that you have loved. Zambia has been a great time for us all. We have met and worked with some great people these past five years.

            But now the house is full of boxes and piles to sort; rooms to paint and pets to give away; a car to sell and a house to rent out. By the time you get this update we pray that this is all in place.

How do you prepare yourself to enter into a different phase, a different culture, a different worldview and a different people; from driving on a different side of the road, from single lane roads to six lane roads; from being a novelty and a hope for many to being just one in the crowd. Ready to go, yet not ready to leave.
This is not at all a goodbye to Africa, albeit a temporary “see you later”, as we now take time for a type of sabbatical. My times among the Masai, in the swamps, in the bush with some great men and women of God who still cook over an open fire with smoke in their face, kids with no shoes and snotty noses. Working in Ethiopia, Congo, Kenya and Tanzania have all been incredible times seeing people hungry for God, for many all they have is faith to live on for they have nothing else. There is so much that we can learn from them.

Goodbye and Hello:
Goodbye to the sweet smell of the African rain, as well as the dusty roads and potholes.Goodbye to Africa’s open plains and the challenges that Africa brings. Goodbye to the late afternoon sun that gives its beautiful deep red tint on all it touches.
But with every goodbye there is a new hello. New people, new places, new challenges and new adventures. We have been working and ministering to the people of Africa for many years and now we come to work and minister to the people of a different land, to be a blessing where we are and to those  whom we are with. And this, perhaps, is what we look forward to the most.

The way forward:
            We arrive in Seattle on the 3rd July and off to the fireworks of Independence Day. The schedule is busy as we will be visiting family and friends until mid-August; then off to Florida where we will be working with YWAM Tampa for about six months. The girls are registered in the local ACE school and of course there are a lot of mixed emotions wrapped up their hearts. There is the look of excitement and worry all in the same smile. It is easy to think that they are Americans, but what are they? American dad, Danish mom, both raised in Africa, they have lived in Africa 90% of their lives; there will be a lot going through their minds. Excited about new gadgets and “stuff” in America, but will miss the simplicity of life here.

Thank you all for continuing to stand with us in so many different ways. Please keep us in your prayers during these next few months of great transition. And don’t hesitate to drop us a note and let us know how we can be praying for you.

Love and blessings,
From Lyle and Jette, Rachel, Acacia, Mikaela and Naomi

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